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Special Investigations Agency, Inc.

For over 40 years, Special Investigations Agency Inc & Associates has served Pennsylvania by offering the highest quality private investigative services to a broad range of clients. Our team has the skills and tools to help provide you with the answers and evidence you need for your case. Our experience allows up to easily research civil, domestic, business and forensic issues. Our Pennsylvania private investigators have the time to dedicate to each case and gather all evidence per state law, ensuring that the information gathered can be used in court if necessary.

We offer polygraph testing for certain investigations and cases in accordance with Pennsylvania law. Our polygraph examiner is extremely thorough and experienced, with years of working for the FBI. We have the capability to investigate matters in Pennsylvania, nationwide, and throughout Canada. Special Investigations Agency Inc & Associates is here to show you the difference a professional investigations company can make.

Pennsylvania Investigative Services

Asset Searches

We conduct asset investigations by searching both public and private databases and records to determine information on an asset such as ownership, history, and current location.

Background Checks

Thorough background investigations conducted on potential employees, spouses, or other persons of interest to uncover information such as work history, debts, criminal records and more.

Civil Investigations

Our experienced investigators can quickly uncover the evidence you need for your civil matters. Evidence gathered is in accordance to state law so it can be used in your civil trial.

Polygraph Exams

Experienced and professional polygraph examiners to assist in a wide array of case types and investigations.

Insurance Investigations

Investigations to look into insurance claims to ensure no fraud was committed. Don't let your business suffer from a fraudulent claim, let our fraud investigators uncover the truth.

Skip Tracing

Location services used to track down evasive defendants or other persons of interest. We use modern databases and research to find a good address or phone number to locate the individual.


Using videography, photography, and general observation we keep track of a subject's daily activities. We report all findings back in a timely manner.

Forensic Investigations

Forensic investigators gather and examine evidence at crime scenes such as fingerprints, fluids, and the scene in general to use in criminal investigations.

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